How to turn off Shelf on Oneplus and Oppo Phones

Learn how to disable the Shelf feature on OnePlus and Oppo phones to customize your home screen experience. Follow our step-by-step guide and enjoy a clutter-free interface.

How to turn off Shelf on Oneplus and Oppo Phones


OnePlus and Oppo are esteemed cell creators known for their smooth, major areas of strength for plans, and component rich UIs. One of the hero features on these devices is the Rack, a serious space on the home screen that offers fast induction to a significant part of the time used applications, contraptions, and tweaked information. Regardless, a couple of clients could incline in the direction of a not so much troublesome but rather more streamlined home screen without the Rack. In this article, we will guide you on the most capable technique to turn off Rack on OnePlus and Oppo phones, allowing you to change your device according to your tendencies. How to turn off Shelf on Oneplus and Oppo Phones.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Getting to the home screen setting

To begin, promise you are on the home screen of your OnePlus or Oppo phone. Tap and hold tight any empty space on the screen until decisions appear, including sceneries, contraptions, and settings.

Step 2: Investigating to the Rack Setting

From the available decisions, find and select the “Home Screen Settings” or “Settings” decision. This will change to some degree dependent upon the device and programming variation. Look for a decision that licenses you to change the home screen.

Step 3: Disabling the Rack Part

Inside the Home Screen Settings, look for the “Rack” or “Home Screen Rack” decision. Tap on it to get to the Rack settings. You will find a switch or checkbox to engage or weaken the Rack incorporate. Switch it off to hinder the Rack.

Step 4: Changing the home screen

Following weakening the Rack, you can also modify your home screen. You can further develop application images, add or take out contraptions, change backgrounds, or utilize elective launcher applications from the Google Play Store for a substitute look and feel.


FAQ 1: Strength I anytime Engage the Rack Part Resulting to Devastating It?

For sure, you can re-enable the Rack feature while by following comparative advances referred to previously. Simply investigate to the Home Screen Settings, track down the Rack decision, and switch it on to establish the Rack.

FAQ 2: Will Impeding the Rack Impact My Phone’s Show?

No, devastating the Rack part won’t influence your phone’s show. It basically kills the dedicated space on the home screen, opening up resources that would have been utilized by the Rack feature. Your device will continue to work immaculately with no conspicuous changes in execution.

FAQ 3: Strength I anytime Really Access the Components Introduced by the Rack?

While weakening the Rack disposes of the serious space on the home screen, you can anyway get to the components introduced by the Rack through elective means. For example, application images can be gotten to through the application bureau, and devices can be placed directly on the home screen. This ensures that you can anyway participate in the value given by the Rack, but with more significant versatility concerning customization.


Altering your OnePlus or Oppo phone’s home screen as demonstrated by your tendencies is an inconceivable strategy for updating your client experience. By following the little by little aide outlined in this article, you can without a very remarkable stretch mind-set executioner the Rack feature, giving you a chaos free home screen. Yet again review that you could consistently re-enable the Rack anytime feature expecting you decide to explore its benefits. Participate in the chance to make a redid and streamlined interface on your OnePlus or Oppo contraption, and benefit from your phone understanding.

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